Yoga is the connection of  breath with movement through different postures (asanas) resulting in the unity of the mind and body.


Meditation is the practice of concentration.  The process of going inward to focus on a sound, mantra, visualization or breath increases awareness, reduces stress and promotes personal growth.


Mindfulness is a style of meditation focusing on the present moment. It allows one to invite in whatever arises without judgement by following the breath, observing the thoughts and feeling one’s emotions.

business people sitting in yoga pose at office.

Corporate Yoga and Meditation – Health and Wellness Programs

With the combination of movement, breathwork, mindfulness, visualization and guided meditation, I teach employees tools to help quiet their minds, increase alertness, break patterns, reduce stress and help restore energy. Each class is adjusted to the needs of the individuals or collective group.

Mindfulness Movement

Learning these different methods and tools at work help individuals keep their bodies healthy and their minds calm, often resulting in more focused work performance.  The tools learned in class can be applied to their lives outside of class and into their personal and professional lives. Conditioning the body and clearing one’s mind through yoga and meditation helps to create better concentration and a renewed sense of alertness – all positive resources for the workplace.

mindful working

Next Steps…

I can incorporate my work into an existing wellness program, or I can help develop and initiate a company’s wellness plan from the foundation; tailoring the program to the corporation and the needs of their employees.

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